Metal Injection Molding

Design Potential and Practicality

Recently, products such as information equipment, electronic and medical devices have been downsizing consequently the parts for such devices are becoming more and more complicated, requiring higher accuracy. CASTEM anticipating this trend developed MIM technology in 1991. Since then, we’ve been pursuing the potential of MIM, manufacturing various parts that can only be made by MIM and adapting expensive machined component production to substantively more flexible and economical MIM production. We keep focusing on the improvement of our technology to satisfy the increasing demand.


Potential and Practicality

Process Flow

Let us show you how we can provide excellent quality while reducing costs of you current machined component regardless of volume.

Comparing Strengths

MIM products have the same level of torsional and bending strength as welding products.

Metal Injection

Density is more than 95%, and the mechanical strength is high with independent spherical pores.


Traditional Sintering

Density is approximately 88%, and the mechanical strength is inferior with many pores existing in the grain boundary.


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