Investment Casting

The Art of Lost Wax Technology

The Lost Wax method was invented over 6,000 years ago in Mesopotamia. Today, it is referred to as Investment Casting. The technology to cast metals first reached Japan before the beginning of the Christian era, and in about the first century BC (Yayoi Period). These advanced casting techniques were used to produce bronze items such as bell-shaped vessels, mirrors, and swords.

Building upon 3,000 years of tradition combining it with modern proprietary technology Castem has refined this system of production and can produce high precision components such as screws and gears that presently are only are made currently by expensive and time-consuming machining technology.

Investment Casting uses an expendable pattern of wax, plastic, or other material which is “invested” or surrounded by a molding medium in slurry or liquid form. After the molding medium has solidified, the pattern is removed by subjecting the mold to heat, leaving a cavity for reception of molten metal. Also called lost-wax molding.

This Method offers superb dimensional accuracy and fine casting. Integrated complex-shaped parts can be mass produced. Applicable materials are much more diverse than die casting and includes such materials as high melting metals, titanium, aluminum, copper alloy, etc. Castem’s lost wax casting combines proprietary advances with classic methodology. These advances enable Castem to produce high precision componentry rapidly, inexpensively in both large and small production lots.

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Is Investment Casting Right for You?

  • Do you have a machined component in your product? If so, Castem’s moulding technology can provide an equivalent component economically with equal or better quality faster and less expensively.

  • Do you need a partner with you during the prototyping processes and assist in this process providing cost reduction, rapid turnaround and exceptional flexibility?

  • Are you looking for the most advanced quality processes and equipment enabling the tailoring and design of your new or existing product adaptation?


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